1. No More Tears, taken from Chapman Family’s new EP ‘Cruel Britannia' (out June 18th on Best Before Records, you can grab a pre-order on Pledgemusic now- but more of that to come) is BRILLIANT. I've been following the progress of the video by the tasty photos Kingsley Chapman's been slipping onto Twitter the last few weeks, and I don't have to tell you the song hasn't disappointed. The video, granted, isn't as headily exciting or dark as earlier efforts like Anxiety (my GOD do I love that) but they’re getting a suave thing going in the depths of an old theatre, and it’s oddly suiting. 

    Desperate, thrilling, feverish, claustrophobic. urgent, VITAL. Just a few words to describe this song, and indeed the Chapman Family.

    You can Pledge for a variety of wondrous items/experiences/tat from the band here. If I was anything but a sickly minimum wage sixth form dosser I’d snap it all up and have them to myself. Alas, I am not… so grab your chance now.


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