1. Our friends’ the Headstart’s debut has just been released, fans of pop-punk and PROPER FUN get on it here, and go tell them how much you love them here!




    Hombre- MIA

    MIA is a bit of a girl crush. 80% of the time I have no idea what’s going on in her songs, but by god do I wish I could dance. If anything’s going to make me shake various body parts it’s her, and Hombre’s probably top of the list. I’ve not got any clue of the lyrics but I’ll sing it anyway, and the chorus probably repeats in my head about 60 times a day. ‘SCUSE ME LITTLE HOMBRE TAK’ MA NUMBA CALL MEEE’ if we ever meet, reader, i’ll probably said that to you, no apologies.




    Can’t Stop- Red Hot Chili Peppers


    Go on, I dare you to listen to this and not either sing or jerk about a bit. It’s impossible, I win. From release this song became an instant classic, something not bestowed upon many bands but RHCP has managed in abundance. Freaky song and freaky video always makes a good combo, add some freaky dancing and we’ve got a winner. My god is it a winner.


  4. Broken Hands/Palma Violets 2013

    Broken Hands, NRL sweethearts, are playing a show with the equally brilliant Palma Violets as their first for 2013, before a Nationwide tour. January 9th at Tunbridge Wells Forum for anyone in the area, you can get advance tickets here. Two amazing live bands for a tenner, get on it.




    I’d Be a Punk If My Mom Would Let Me- The Brobecks

    Having neglected the song of the day format for a shameful amount of months, i’m hopping right back on the wagon with a gem. The Brobecks are, for want of a better phrase, bloody brilliant. It’s like music made specifically for my ears’ tastes, and this song contains everything that makes a song great. Humour? Check. Harmony? Check. Sweet lyrics about a girl? Double check. If you want a song to take you away from the sleet and cold and put you in an imaginary fluffy jumper with some cocoa, have a listen. 



  7. alt-j for £2.99

    For today only you can grab Alt-J’s ‘An Awesome Wave’ for £2.99 on Amazon. If you haven’t got it yet WHY NOT? Click here and get on it!


  8. Jon Walker to release new EP

    That’s right, Jon Walker - once of Panic! at the Disco and the Young Veins, now of, well, Jon Walker - is releasing his first EP since last year’s New Songs this Thursday, 15th November. It’s called Crazy Dreams and it’ll be available exclusively through his website along with a shiny new video, and of course you can get his back catalogue, along with some pretty imaginative threads. 


    You’ve got two days to spread the word!



  9. J reviews Spector’s Enjoy It While It Lasts

    When Spector first burst into our ears, here at NRL we couldn’t form an opinion; Grey Shirt & Tie was majestic, Chevy Thunder was the missing soundtrack of our lives, but with all the media hoopla we couldn’t be amazed through all the confusion. Was it all an elaborate stunt? Fast forward a few months and head honcho Fred Macpherson quotes us on the radio and twitter, and our minds are made up- NRL + Spector = tru luv. 

    As always, J’s here to mark the union with the 10 Word Review™ of their debut album Enjoy It While It Lasts. Press play and let it roll.

    Click below the read more

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  10. Howler to headline NME Generation Next Tour!

    Although they’re hardly the new thing anymore, Howler are set to play NME’s legendary new music tour this October. Renamed from last year’s Radar tour, featuring S.C.U.M and DZ Deathrays among others, 2012’s offering is set to be the best for a long, long while. Also on the bill are Gross Magic and the Cast of Cheers… NRL are very very excited for this one. 

    Tickets go on pre-sale tomorrow, click here for more details.


  11. LostAlone - Paradox on Earth

    The third single to be swiped from LostAlone’s second album ‘I’m a UFO in This City’, Paradox on Earth is exactly what you want from them- half desperate and heavy, half ridiculous pop. There’s harmonies, oooohOoOHHOoohs, guitar solos… so many elements that it shouldn’t work, but by god does it. As for the video, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the song; some weird apocalyptic future, much pacing, special effects… although there’s an unexpected appearance of a ponytail on bassist Alan Williamson. Still, a belter from a brilliant band. An absurd, dizzying  back to the future band.



  12. China Rats

    Boys and girls, it’s time to get very, very excited.

    I present to you China Rats, four upsettingly handsome boys from Leeds (the best city in the country, don’t question me). 

    I am someone who is constantly ratting around telling everyone I’ve found a ‘PROPER ACTUAL WELL GOOD ROCK & ROLL BAND’, though I admit it’s often off the back of the NME tidying them up and sending them out to the baying teens first. It’s happened with the Vaccines, Tribes, Howler… too many bands have gotten me all hot under the collar tippexing their name on my possessions and scuffing up my converse. 

    This time it’s different.

    China Rats formed last year, after they met studying in good ol’ Leeds. Thank God none of them journeyed down south for an education, because we’re onto something good here. Having won fans of various radio luminaries (Huw Stephens, anyone?) they’ve had a fair amount of big-time radio play, especially considering they’ve been about less than 12 months. Having released their first EP, 'To Be Like I’, three weeks ago and playing in Europe and our own Live at Leeds, a single’s on the cards soon. 

    As far as the music’s concerned (yes, I could rattle on about myself and haircuts all day), I’ll put it like this. Imagine Howler fronted by Miles Kane covering Kinks songs (in a completely non-derogatory way). They’re got rock, roll and anything you could want in between, with a hark back to a fresh 60’s (She Never) and a dirty 90’s (Ghost Train). They take a summery Drums-esque vibe, rub away the gloss and give it a dusting of proper Britishness, and what more could you want?

    If you want to see them - and why the hell wouldn’t you - you can catch them at the Borderline on the 29th May supporting the Crookes. Here's a link to their Soundcloud, and they've got the usual Facebook and Twitter avenues of course. Get in on this guys, it's very, very worth it.

  13. …And another thing, I may have just found the sound of the summer (and not in the wank twinkly way either, it’s the heavier-than-a-death-in-the-family way). They’re called Funeral Suits, and I checked them out on the recommendation of a friend who said “they ARE you”. That remains to be seen, but they’re rather good indeed, this song in particular. Their debut album Lily of the Valley is out June 1st, pre-order it now!


  14. Broken Hands

    I was 100% positive I’d mentioned these guys before, but apparently so much of my time was spent harassing people in the real world to check them out I completely forgot the medium of Not Really Listening. So to save a gross injustice, I begin.


    It’s glaringly, unavoidably true. For any of you who frequent gigs, you see a lot of support bands. If you’re lucky, this may have happened to you…

    Often you’ll go to a gig because the main act is amazing/the best/love of your life, and there’s support bands that you’ve never heard of. Often they’re okay, almost as often they’re godawful. Sometimes they’re pretty good, so you get an EP from the merch table or download a couple of tracks. Whatever. Every now and then, once in a blue moon, the support band will blow your mind, so immediately you question the relevancy of the main act, scamper off to grab all the merch you can lay your grubby paws on AND YOU FALL A BIT IN LOVE.

    From what I can recall, this has happened three times to me. Once with Mystery Jets supporting the Zutons in 2008 (it was in a forest, there was no MJ merch), once with the Headstart supporting Framing Hanley in 2011 (I now count them as very good friends & I’ve helped them out around the country), and lastly with Broken Hands supporting Band of Skulls this year.

    They’re clearly something special, the kind of band who you almost hesitate to share because you want them to stay special. There’s no doubt BH have enough to keep us on our toes though, even just for THAT VOICE. Bluesy but not a Black Keys rip-off, heavy but not in the way Kerrang! makes you hastily burst your own eardrums. They’re not riding on the bandwagon of tie-dye and denim which seems to be continuing throughout 2012, which can only be a good thing. 

    In short, they’re very good. Listen to them yourself, you will like it. If you don’t then i’m sorry, but we can’t be friends (I know that breaks your heart, really). Not only do they sound brilliant, but they seem like good lads, the kind I would like to extend the sought after J Olive Branch of Genuine Friendship to. They’re all much prettier than me, I could be of use as the ugly girl in their beautiful boy gang. 

    I’ll shut up now, go to their website for links to their soundcloud and various other things. Their new single, If You Need To Lie is out next week. We’ve seen the video, it’s great.

    (PS- tell everyone about them, even your parents. My Dad is #1 Band of Skulls fan so he stood at the back of their Norwich show while I was at the barrier. We both had the same epiphany during Broken Hands’ set, but while I voiced it by repeating ‘BLOODY HELL’ and spending all my money on a t shirt, he quietly bought the vinyl and got all the guys to sign it. This is something that has NEVER HAPPENED and is therefore a big deal. So you have my father’s Music Snob Seal of Approval guys, use it wisely.)